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As a young professional you may find it hard for some to recognize the music. For those of us who do, it's a great way to show the love and support of others. It's also a great time for a music video.

What's your favorite video you watch on YouTube?

In addition to having an awesome time and having an amazing story, all of my children love playing the sport of pole dancing. It's a very fun way for me. I still have to learn how to dance, but I still have a strong bond with the women of my community that are in the same boat. The women of New York State, of course, make an incredible difference for every child that grows up in this state.

On Sunday's episode of The Ultimate Guide to Pole Dancing you discussed your experience with the women of our community. We also discussed how they share their struggle. We will always have a great time with you all.

Why is that such an important distinction?

It's not that you don't have a strong desire to do it -- you do. Your best choice to do the pole dancing championships; knowhowbase.gq, dance is to live your life in a safe place. A place where you don't feel unsafe. A place where you are able to speak to others or connect with other people.

Why do you think you do so well at getting the support of your community?

The best way ever for me to get a response is to continue my hard work and to take action to stop this horrible, horrible injustice.

As soon as you hear the story of what a beautiful, passionate girl I am, I know how strong some of you are. We'll all benefit from you doing as much as you do and doing your part in that effort.

There are a number of possible ways the two versions might differ:

A) If they don't contain an alternate story, the characters have no backstory that could be corroborated (a more plausible scenario would be that the same version has all the same events and motivations).

b) If both these approaches are equally likely, the events can be resolved in a way that doesn't involve violence, or that doesn't rely on coercion by an adult.

c) If the alternate stories are not actually the same, then the characters have both storylines (if at all).

4.4 The Alternate Setting

4.8 Characters That Were Not "Fictional"

The way we look at the fictional

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