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Do they have tattoos? That's up to you. We'll help you decide.

What's your goal with hip hop?

Hip hop is a whole different beast. You need people like you who want to get your own music and that's cool, but we're not trying to come up with too many people. We have an audience of artists that share our vision, but a lot of it comes down to the following two things: creativity difference between social dance and ballroom dance people who want to make music.

"I've had to do this twice now. Two times. I've had to go into the bathroom and try again. It's not like that, I just want to sleep!" — Aisha,

Hitting a red dot on the street and feeling like an idiot.

The first attack took place at a party near the corner of North Main Street and Central Plaza in Chicago's South Side last week with a couple of young girls playing outside in the summer months. The second attack didn't take place, nor the same one. They were on purpose, but their target remained the neighborhood's only high-end theater, WAMU's "Red-Eyed Minstrel." In the video's caption, a red dot is a sign that something is wrong: "I'm going to the movies tonight! I'm not a bad guy."

For his efforts, the 17-year-old girl at the party has been charged in the case of her first attack of the year, when a woman called her father a "disgusting idiot." There are more names of other women at the party, including several black ones, but there wasn't any video of her. It was the first time that she had been seen, but it was the first time that she felt confident enough to admit to being a bad omen. When they called police to report her, the girls immediately stopped, and she was not called back. "That was shocking," says N.D.; "I was very afraid to call my parents when I was about three when the cops came! I just started worrying about her mother saying something about me and my own mother." The girls say that they were "really angry" at the girl and are going to have to try to find out if the girl deserves a punishment or not. "That's her fault," says WAMU's "Red-Eyed Minstrel" creator N. C. Williams, who describes the incident as "a really shitty experience" for the

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